Are we in a simulation?

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In our evolution we have come so far that we can create simulations. We have created countless of different kind of simulations the last decade. I will list a few simulation games below as examples.
Species: Artificial Life, Real Evolution
Space Engine
The Sims
The Guild 2
And countless others.

So what's to say that we aren't in a simulation? To us, our lives may seem normal. And like we are in control of our own life. But nowadays in most advanced simulations, the life forms usually do have free will, and do what they feel like doing. Take the game The Universim for example. The humans in that game are called "Nuggets" And they do what they want freely. Your job is to give them a little helping hand. So let's get to the point. Do we live in a simulation? Is this universe just a simulation? I believe it is a possibility, I would love to hear your opinion on it, what are your thoughts?
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Nope I think because if we will in simulation we would have glitches there is always some flaws in simulation 😄
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